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Maine Women in the Arts - Meetings & Show Schedule

Maine Women in the Arts

2020 Show Schedule


Maine Women usually has three shows a year

in the Kennebunk-Kennebunkport area: Summer, Fall & Prelude.


Unfortunately, we have to cancel our in-person art shows

due to COVID-19. This is for the safety of our visitors,

show attendees and our members.



The good news is:

We are having an online Fall Awards Show, right here, in October 2020.

This will allow us to share our art with people both near and far.


You can check back on our home page for updates to our 2020 schedule

or visit our Facebook page!


Although there are no MWA member meetings scheduled, we may have meetings with distance between attendees, and Zoom gatherings as well. We are creative people and can come up with creative solutions!


2020 Meetings - ON HOLD!

The group meets the first Thursday of each month, alternating between a 9 am and 6 pm meeting at Christ Church, Dane Street, in Kennebunk.


Meeting dates subject to change. Please check your newsletter or facebook for updates.



Handmade items by Kathy Angel Lee


Violets by Annaclette


Whale Vase by Kathleen Cantara


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